A trip to Auli - Heaven on Earth

To reach Auli there are several ways. One can take either train or can reach by road as well. Nearest Railway stations to reach Auli are in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kotdwar, and Dehradun.

A trip to Auli - Heaven  on Earth
A trip to Auli Heaven on Earth Auli Trip, Heaven on earth Auli, Best hill station to visit in Summer

From Delhi to Auli –Uttarakhand

Auli-marvelous skiing hill station situated in the north Indian state of Uttarakhand is basically Heaven on earth. From Delhi is approx 400 kilometers by road.  Evergreen Oak forests, Nanda Devi and Nar Pravat Mountains made Auli more attractive more adventures from other hill stations. December, January, February mainly these three months becomes the famous snow lovers, adventure seekers and ski enthusiastic. To reach Auli one can take the long cable car as well from Joshimath Town. This Ropeway system called Gorson is the highest ropeway in India. This ropeway includes two cable cars and 10 towers. The slope distance it covers is 3.96 KM and the total track distance it covers is 4.15 KM.

Weather - Climate Auli

Mainly April is counted to be the perfect month to visit Auli. During this month the traveler can visit Auli. During this time it is moderately cold Weather. The temperature varies from 7 to 17°C. This month is cold but perfect for all tourist activities as day times are warm, but nights are comparatively cold.

Month wise Weather Condition Details:-
January :- During this time here it is freezing Cold weather with Snowfall. Temperature varies from -4 to 7°C. This time is perfect for winter sports. 

February :- During this time here it is freezing Cold weather with Snowfall. Temperature varies from 0 to 10°C.

March :- This month also offers a reprieve for the freezing cold. But during this time the atmosphere starts to become warm.

April :- This month is cold but perfect for all tourist activities as day times are warm, but nights are comparatively cold. 

May :- During this time it is moderately cold weather as temperature varies from 7 to 18°C. This month is good for outdoor travelers.

June :- During this time it is basically pleasant weather and temperature varies from 10 to 20°C. This month, June is actually the hottest month of the year.

July :- During this month you can find greenery all over the valley. This month is basically good to enjoy the picturesque nature.

August :- During this time it is a bit cold Temperature but August is also pretty good with picturesque nature and flowering plants, trees.  This month offers a slight warm climate and temperature varies from 7 to 15°C. 

September :-During this time temperature varies from 7 to 15°C approx. This time it is humid with post-monsoon showers. Nature becomes fresh.
October: - Very cold weather. Welcomes winter by all means.

November: - This month also offers a very cold ambiance and it is the perfect month for Honeymooners.

December :- Extremely Cold Temperature and temperature vary from 2 to 10°C. Sometimes you can see the snowfall as well.

How you can reach Auli

To reach Auli there are several ways. One can take either train or can reach by road as well. Nearest Railway stations to reach Auli are in Haridwar, Rishikesh, Kotdwar, and Dehradun. Travelers can get buses or cabs for the town named “Joshimath” after reaching any of this railway station. From Joshimath, you can take a bus or ride on Asia's longest cable car ride to Auli.

Few options are as below

Auli By Air :- To reach Auli travelers can take flights. Nearest Airport is Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun. This airport is approx 279 KM from Auli. Travelers can avail Taxi services from Dehradun airport to Auli. 

Auli By Train :- Rishikesh Haridwar & Dehradun all have Railway Stations. So for rail, there can be few options as

  • For those who willing to visit Auli can take Dehradun Shatabdi Express to reach Rishikesh early in the morning as the best possible way is to Auli Valley during the summer season.
  • Travelers should reach Joshimath before the sunset. It is approx 250 km away from Rishikesh on the Badrinath route.
  • Another route can be via Raiwala railhead situated near Rishikesh, from where one can take a bus/tourist cars in the early morning to reach Auli Joshimath or Auli by evening. It is always advisable to reach Joshimath by 4 pm, from here the ropeway cable car can take you to Auli. After the dusk road to Auli is closed.

    Auli by Road:-

    By Road: It is only a 16 km drive from Joshimath to Auli. Travelers can find State transport and Union buses run regularly between Joshimath & Rishikesh, Haridwar (277 km), Auli Dehradun (298 km) and Delhi (500 km). From Joshimath onwards, there are both available bus and taxi services for Auli. 

    Auli by Cable Car:-

    Joshimath - Auli Ropeway, as stated earlier Joshimath to Auli Gorson ropeway system is the highest ropeway system of India. Covering a very difficult track distance of 4.15 kms in 22 minutes, the ropeway includes two cable cars and 10 towers. The ropeway passes over mesmerizing views and actually worth each penny. Travelers will be more excited to hear that the starting point of this cable car from Joshimath is at an altitude of 6254 ft and Auli situated at 9896 ft!

    This Cable Car / Ropeway journey also offers an amazing and joyful view of the Himalayan peaks as Nanda Devi, Mana Parbat, Dungagri, Beethartoli, Nikanth Hathi Parbat and Ghori Parbat. Last but not the least Auli itself is bordering on the Gorson Reserve forest, amazingly greened by golden-colored oak and a huge amount of coniferous trees.


There are several options from Luxurious accommodation to budgeted one. For luxury accommodation, Cliff Top Auli is one of the best choices available, which will be going to cost Approx @INR 8500/Night. Another few decent accommodations also available ad Auli Resort, Himalayan Abode, etc. Here the staying cost will be approx 5000/Night. Budgeted accommodations are also available.

Advisory Note

At Auli, weather conditions are a bit rough. Here in winter, the temperature drops to as low as -8 degree and it is very cold in summer as well. So Travelers are advised to must bring Woolen Clothing, Cap, Socks, Dark Glasses, Gloves, Mufflers, Pullovers, Wind-Proof Jacket, Gum / Snow Boots, Torch Light, etc. By keeping in mind about the challenging weather condition at Auli one should bring these accessories.

Places to Visit:

At Risikesh : River Rafting, Bunjee Jumping, Rishikesh Laxman Jhula, Ram jhula, Triveni Ghat (Ganga Aarti at 7:00 PM is an amazing experience) and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.

At Joshimath and Auli: Nanda Devi national park, Flower valley, Narshingh Temple, Bhavisya Badri, Bhavisya Kedar, Sri Hemkund Sahib, Mana and You can enjoy snow trek and skiing at Auli.

Places Around Auli

Vishu Prayag :-  Two rivers named Alaknanda and Dauli Ganga. Traveler can access this place from Joshimath. 

Joshimath :- Joshimath basically derives from the word ‘Jyotirmath’ . It is a the place of Jyotirlinga of Shiva. Joshimath mainly a resting place for those pilgrims who are going to Badrinath. Here has a temple of Narsimha that is an incarnation of Vishnu. 

Badrinath: - This Place is known as one of the four Dhaams. This place is one of the most important places for Hindus and especially who worships God Vishnu. This place is closed in winter. 

Tapovan:- The word 'Tapo' mean meditation, in Sanskrit  'van' means forest. Tapovan is  15 km from Joshimath and it has a temple and also a natural hot water spring. 

Events & Festivals in Auli :-

January to March is attractive with Skiing festivals and National Championships of Snow Skiing. 

September is attractive here with Mata Mruti Ka Mela, which is celebrated in nearby Badarinath with many rituals and festivities. 

Lastly, all I can say, Auli – with its all charm and beauty one of the most amazing hill station that mainly lies on the way to Badrinath. This place is blessed with a wonderful breathtaking panoramic view that includes lofty peaks of the greatest mountain range in the world name the Himalayas. So if you are planning for a trip to Auli for 5-6 days, just don’t get any second thought. Go for it. You will enjoy every moment of it.  Bon voyage...!!