iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) review & specification

iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) review & specification
iPhone X (pronounced iPhone 10) review & specification

It’s been more than ten months now the iPhone X has been out and it still stands up strongly against many of the handsets that have been released since – namely the Galaxy S9 or Huawei P20/Huawei P20 Pro, etc. In this phone, a series of fresh software updates have added with more Animoji and set the hardware to a high benchmark.

iPhone X review

Apple’s most awaited creation iPhone X – pronounced as iPhone “Ten” – is actually a very expensive flagship handset that Apple developed to mark the tenth anniversary of the original iPhone and it's actually exactly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

As we all know that of course, Apple hasn’t always been at the forefront of tech. It added NFC a very long after Android phones and more than a year since Pokémon GO’s peak is jumping on the AR bandwagon, still, it has the most mysterious knack of waiting until consumers are ready to embrace these changes, rather than getting ahead of them. And obviously this is exactly what is done with the iPhone X as well.

We must appreciate that the iPhone X is the best iPhone at any point made, however, there is a catch. We're surely hesitant to suggest anybody burn through £1,000 on a phone and our rundown of imperfections will uncover why. In a comparable vein, Reports as of late distributed the full breakdown of its iPhone X tests and it's a blended sack of results. Right off the bat, the iPhone X did not beat its forerunner, the iPhone 8, amid the thorough audit process. The iPhone X's battery life and quality were raised doubt about and its cost was a noteworthy staying point for the organization.

It was found in the underlying drop test, the iPhone X performed "fine and dandy", and it survived four falls onto a solid surface from a height of 5 feet. Be that as it may, utilizing a tumbling machine, this incorporates a pivoting chamber that over and again drops a telephone from a height of around 2.5 feet, the telephone fared less well and unfortunately after 100 tumbles; the glass on the back of the phone altogether broke. The screens quit working appropriately after 50 drops.

Be that as it may, Consumer Reports praised the iPhone X's fabulous, and its camera is the first-rate. Regardless of its so many criticisms, the iPhone X made the rundown of the best 10 cell phones available - so it's not all terrible.


All we can say, Apple, deliberately saved its high-end features for this iPhone version and it’s actually unlike anything it’s released before.

The iPhone X has the largest screen of any iPhone version, at 5.8in and it stretches from edge to edge like those seen on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8. The screen of it is Apple’s first foray into OLED displays, too, and the best part to fit the larger screen onto the device the home button has been ditched. Instead, the phone’s Face ID camera, there’s a 'notch' that houses. One would think this might make the handset feel large, but surprisingly by maximizing screen size without increasing the size of the handset, the iPhone X looks smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus.



This phone is available in white with a chrome silver trim, and dark, with a sparkling dull dim trim, and is reminiscent of the iPhone 3GS in look if not construct quality. No gold or rose gold choice any longer and neither model very gives the phone a similar emerge quality. iPhones are utilized (and have been sold as) as statement handsets but with its screen turned off, the iPhone X looks especially like another android phone.

Made dominatingly from glass fortified with steel, an outline move upheld by the incorporation of Qi remote charging, the handset has a propensity for getting fingerprints incredibly effectively. This glass framing doesn't feel as cool as the metal handsets of yore, however, and there's something consoling about how its glow adds to how connected you feel to it, even following two or three minutes of utilization.

Beside the absence of the home button rest of the other outline, designs are same. The power and volume catches are the place you'd expect. It has an IP67 residue and waterproofing feature as well. Tragically still no 3.5mm earphone jack. Siri and Apple Pay highlights have moved to the side button to make up for the absence of home button. Additionally, now take a screen capture is possible by holding the right-hand fasten and volume together, which also feels exceptionally "Androidy". The camera knock is fitted vertically as opposed to on a level plane on the back (to prepare for the Face ID sensors) and this makes the phone recognizably wobble when set on a plain surface.

All things considered, the handset doesn't have the flair or wow factor but undoubtedly its specification is very impressive.

iPhone X review: Face ID

An unattractive notch replaces the Touch ID home catch, carries with another type of biometric validation called Face ID.

This incorporates various sensors intended to perceive a man's face, including a dot projector, infrared camera, and surge illuminator all of these will cooperate to filter your face when you take a gander at it for the reasons for opening the telephone or confirming Apple Pay transactions.

Face ID works easily with glasses and without, and even performs in diminish or dim conditions. Besides, to provide security against coincidental opening Apple added a framework calls “Attention-Aware”, which watches that you're conscious and alarm before opening the phone.

There's another thump on impact from the loss of the home button, as well. One of these is that the Control Center is currently gotten to by swiping down rather than the more direct swipe from the base of the screen.

There is also a new activity for raising the iPhone's warnings – a swipe from the plain best of the screen, just underneath the notch. This, once more, feels extremely androidy.

iPhone X review: Camera

Undoubtly Apple has reliably made extraordinary cameras always. They may not generally be the best in the market (the Google Pixel 2 as of now takes that crown) however the iPhone X camera, similar to the iPhone 8 Plus, catches photographs dependably and shoots detail-stuffed, unfaltering 4K video.

On the backside, the iPhone X has two 12MP back cameras, both furnished with OIS (optical picture adjustment) and stage distinguish self-adjust feature. One is a wide edge f/1.8 camera and another one is 2x fax "zoom". The last one offers somewhat brighter opening at f/2.4 than the iPhone 8 Plus' fax camera, however something else, it's almost a similar setup actually.



Most part the camera works excellently and portrait mode works as perfectly as ever. For the first time, this mode is available in case of the front-facing 7MP camera. It’s not as good as the rear camera but it’s certainly a positive addition.

iPhone X review: Display quality and performance

Displaymate, which runs through tests on phone shows, says the iPhone X has the best show it has ever tried. The iPhone X's 2,046 x 1,125 OLED screens are sharp, it's inconceivably shading precise and it's splendid, as well. Truth be told, we'd state the OLED screen is close great. In addition, there are no issues with review points and odd-looking hues.

Concerning rate and responsiveness, well that is blameless also. The iPhone X utilizes the new Apple A11 Bionic chip to control it along and this, combined with 3GB of RAM, delivers fundamentally the same as benchmark results to the iPhone 8 Plus. Actually iPhone X is the speediest phone available in the market.

About battery life, it is actually disappointing that it doesn't keep going long amid video playback. It was found that the X kept going an insignificant only 9hrs 22mins, which is a frustrating outcome, unquestionably when contrasted with Android rivals. The iPhone 8 Plus with its bigger battery kept going far longer at 13hrs 54 mins. Saying this doesn't imply that the telephone won't last you daily or much more in genuine utilize, yet it's sheltered to state that it won't keep going as long as the iPhone 8 Plus.

iPhone X review: Sound quality

As always iPhone X speaker continues Apple's trend of high-quality audio tech and here they're louder than previous models. Music is more comfortable to listen from the phone directly without using any headphones. Sadly, there's still no headphone jack. iPhone X plays the song with various instruments and bass on the speakers is detailed and excellent. Truly levels better than any other smartphones we've used. It has been reported by some users about a crackling and squeaky sound. Apple said to be looking into the issues at earliest.

iPhone X review: Verdict

With costs beginning at £999 for the 64GB form and £1,149 for the best spec 256GB model, this is a telephone that is nearly as costly as a MacBook and that is a PC that a few people say is overrated. Samsung's Galaxy S8, by examination, is at present a large portion of the cost, while bigger Galaxy Note 8 (which was censured at its surprising expense when it initially propelled) costs around £870.

In case you're edgy to purchase another iPhone, help yourself out and purchase an iPhone 8 Plus. You probably won't get the most recent and most prominent Apple brings to the table, yet you'll be sparing a lot of money, getting a telephone that is almost as great, and one that – as indicated by SquareTrade its significantly less breakable, as well.

iPhone Key specifications

Screen 5.8in Super Retina (2,436 x 1,125 @ 458ppi) AMOLED display with True Tone
CPU 64-bit hexa-core A11 Bionic processor with M11 motion coprocessor and "Neural engine"
Storage 64GB and 256GB
Camera Dual 12MP rear-facing cameras, f/1.8 and f/2.4 with OIS and sapphire crystal lens cover, 7MP front-facing camera
Software iOS 11

Price £999 (64GB) - from £48/mth on 2yr finance; £1,149 (256GB) - from £55/mth on 2yr finance
Other Wireless charging, dust and waterproof (IP67 rating), no 3.5mm headphone jack
Pre-orders 27-Oct-17
Release date 03-Nov-17